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The general problem in the field of logistics: “Driver Shortage”

The effort to meet the demand, which increases at the same rate as the globalization rate, increases the importance of the logistics sector day by day. Every product, from a pin to heavy industry machinery, is subject to import and export. In line with the growth of the sector, companies receive technology support to meet…

“Coronavirus” Impact on Logistics Industry

The coronavirus epidemic has a significant impact on the transport industry. Chinese New Year holidays smoothly went into quarantine, and shipments from the Middle Kingdom stopped.  Even before the Chinese New Year, manufacturers tried to ship as many goods as possible, catch them on ships and railway trains at any rate. During the epidemic, Chinese…

How Does a Company Handle Logistics Remotely?

The global focus on Covid-19 has shifted the priorities for all businesses and individuals globally. While the impact of and the reaction to the virus on supply chains and logistics appear to be spreading across the globe, organizations may be able to anticipate the impact on their business by using a combined set of tools. …