Customized Solutions with Modaltrans

Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) is the controlled transmission of relevant documents from computer to computer in a standard electronic format between business partners.


Since business documents are customized in B2B applications, information confusion occurs when data exchange is required between businesses, and this prevents the correct execution of business processes. Especially companies working intensively with foreign countries needed a standardized format in data exchange in order to prevent information confusion and to save time and cost.


Before the EDI integration, Rhenus was manually performing the information that needs to be transferred to the other party when performing its international transports. In other words, load, status and delivery information were entered manually by the personnel of the exporting region and transmitted to the importing region personnel. This was a waste of time in data transfer. This situation not only affected productivity within the office, but also caused the total duration of transports to be prolonged due to delays in the planning phase. In addition, due to manual processes, the margin of error was high, resulting in loss of confidence and cost increase.


Modaltrans developed a solution for this problem and realized the EDI integration that the company needed. The data that needs to be transmitted while carrying out the migration process is organized over Modaltrans within the framework of EDI standards and is performed automatically. Thus, the party that will send the load enters the necessary information into the system. With Modaltrans EDI integration, it standardizes the data and transmits it to the other party in a complete and fast way. Thus, the margin of error is reduced, saving time and cost; More importantly, since there is no lack of information between the parties, the transport can be completed smoothly. Processes before transportation are carried out in a more planned, speedy and efficient manner thanks to this automated system that has been activated.

Modaltrans also automatically sends entry-exit and arrival notices to the parties. Container information will be shared automatically with the integration in the near future.

EDI integration, Rhenus cargo sender or receiver with Turkey, Rhenus transfers the relevant data in Germany or Spain. CMR information for land transport; The bill of lading information is transferred in EDI format for air and sea shipments. With the “Send EDI” button on the position, data is collected on the other party’s server in the SAP infrastructure.

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