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Coffee vending machines in certain locations such as gas stations, usually have swiping machines as a payment method. It is a legal obligation to invoice the sold products in a daily basis. A list of sold products during the day is reported by appointed personnel, since it takes time and unnecessary usage of the workforce, the productivity of the business stumbles. There were some difficulties in analysing how much material used in the production of coffee and how much profit and loss did the machine caused.

Also, there was not any tool for checking the coffee machines and issue invoices in more than one location.

Before Modaltrans

Before e-Commerce Warehouse and P&L Management, Seuco was manually doing all these via Excel. Appointed personnel would issue the invoices and product information by examining the machines every other day or once a week. Then they were forwarding the collected information to the related person or they were the ones who are also responsible to fill out the documents. Then, they were listing every single sold product and the material that was used in the production of coffee. To analyse total cost and stock, even the material’s weight and the cost was being calculated manually. This caused problems such as errors in calculating, missing information, wasting too much time than necessary, extra workload. It affects productivity due to the increasing amount of margin of errors.

With Modaltrans

Modaltrans produced a solution to prevent projected and already occurred problems. By developing an e-Commerce Warehouse Management tool, Modaltrans enabled vending machines’ invoice and product information to transfer automatically and directly into the programme. Through these documents, related person/people can view whether the stock status is sufficient or how much shopping has been made and how much product has been used. We deduct the materials used by the sold product from the stock automatically, in this way, Seuco achieves more reliable and accurate results.

Besides, the P&L report is automatically reported at the end of each month, with the information collected throughout the month. For example, when a latte is bought, all the expenses like a paper cup, milk, depreciation of the coffee machine are listed automatically with the P&L report. We also share information such as rent, vehicle expenses and depreciation in the places where these locations are connected with the headquarters. All of these can be shared with the selected department such as accounting additionally. This reduces the troubled process of analysing and calculating. The personnel responsible for checking the machines are now able to take a photo of the coffee machines and add them to the relevant page for inspectors to review. Furthermore, defective machines can be easily identified in this way.

In addition, Seuco started to sell their products via e-Commerce sites and Modaltrans developed a similar system to the e-Commerce warehouse management system. The transactions from these sites will be added to P&L reports automatically. Thus, filling extra Excel documents will become redundant.

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