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Location-Based Notification is a system that instantly reports the date and time the vehicle arrives at the location or locations where it will receive and deliver the cargo, with GPS data during transportation. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to continuously track the status of the load with instant notifications. The general job description of logistics companies is transporting goods from one location to another. That is why delivering the goods at the planned time, is one of the most important parameters of productivity. In large organizations, the process is completed with multiple loading, customs and transfer points. Companies with large vehicle fleets need to control hundreds of vehicles that need to visit multiple locations to complete their tasks. Also, if we take into consideration that goods that may deteriorate or be damaged must be delivered in a short period, it is crucial for companies that vehicles arrive at customs and the destination at the planned time. For this reason, a system that helps to track the transportation process was needed.

Before Location-Based Notification System

Before the Location-Based Notification system, tracking a vehicle, whether it passed through customs smoothly and whether it arrived at the unloading point, was only possible by communicating with the driver. In addition, if we think that logistics operations must be tracked/followed from different departments, branches and companies, besides the difficulty of the data flow of the traditional method/procedure; calls, Whatsapp messages and mail load between parties negatively affected the productivity. Besides the financial consequences of the process not being planned and transparent, loss of trust and reputation between the parties is a serious threat logistics companies are facing.

With Location-Based Notification System

With Modaltrans’ Location-Based Notification system, Gökbora International Transport receives an email and notification from the system when vehicles approach the loading points, customs and unloading points. By using the GPS data, the time that has been wasted on the stopovers are reported. At the same time, when the vehicle left the exit point and arrived at the point of destination, the owner and the receivers of the goods can receive a departure-arrival notification depending on the preference. This facilitates controlling the operations that have more than one loading, customs and transfer points. Through the Location-Based Notification system, it is determined when the vehicle reached customs or the second loading point and how long it stayed there. Every 15 minutes, the system is updated and detects whether the goods arrived at the delivery destinations. A separate automatic notification is sent when the vehicle arrives, and when the goods are delivered. When the vehicle delivered the goods, information is directly coming to Modaltrans’ system and the status changes automatically. Especially, determining the status of the goods is the key element of this system. If the vehicle does not arrive at the loading and unloading point on time, the system reports the delay information by specifying the time and date.

Due to the instant tracking of the goods by Modaltrans and Gökbora International Transport, the logistics process is facilitated. Especially for 3PL companies such as Gökbora International Transport, to ensure coordination in different collection centres, warehouses and different countries and branches and to increase the in-team communication skills is very critical in terms of efficiency, Location-Based Notification saves a large workload and positively affects productivity. Besides, with the instant data flow provided by the system, it can automatically transmit the arrival-departure notification containing the load information to its customers. This strengthens customer relationships. In addition, due to the continuous control of the load situation and the notification of the staff within the team and to the other party, the intense communication traffic of the personnel also ends with the Location-Based Notification system, and the work efficiency of the personnel is also positively affected.

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